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Microsoft Consultant

25 Years old with 30 years experience.


One of the most under appreciated occupations are the Desktop and Technical Support guys.


It is hard to earn respect in the IT world when you are in the trenches fighting the good fight. Keeping desktop users happily mailing and effortlessly printing. The System Admin that keeps the local server humming perfectly dishing out DHCP and sharing files. The call center giving that much needed ear and kind advise on how to save your Word document into PDF.


Oh, but when the music stops, it is us, the front line getting bombarded. When you enter a room and the first thing your client asks you is: "What did you brake now?".


Sure, it is a life choice and it comes with the territory. Skills alone will not keep you from folding, a thick skin and good manners is required too.


Highly skilled, the average Technical Support earns around R6000 and R14000. Holding certificates in A+, N+ and MCSA is but the bare minimum recruiters are looking for. They want sassy, witty techies, willing to work flexible hours with 5 years specialized experience in networking, servers and a whole bunch of other stuff that requires 2 years of studying, and diplomas and references... The basic System Admin requires skills of about 5 people and he still cannot maintain a healthy social life.We are awkward for a reason.

Some would say it all lies in balance. I would say on which side of the scale do you want your bread buttered. In real life the average tech will work 12 hours a day. Sleep - Eat -Work. No you say, it can't be that bad. We do not have 9 to 5 jobs, we work till there is no more tickets open.


Smaller IT firms require their staff to work longer hours. Even the big IT power houses will push the envelope to stay in front of competition. Only after a mere 10 years you can start feeling proud of your IT Technical status. Don't be so negative I can hear you thinking. Statistics show that most IT support and Technical doesn't last more than 10 years. Those making the career change will most likely migrate from sector.


As the bombshells stop falling and the techie clears his help desk, the sun is almost rising again. Having the last gulp of his Zero Sugar Monster, the tech prepares for another day of complete unforeseen consequences.

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